Meal Planning Made Easy

How many times have you stared at a blank sheet of paper trying to plan meals but the same meals come to mind? This happened to me so often...probably every week! Luckily, sometimes I wrote down our meals in my planner, so I would flip back through. I wasn't consistent so it only helped a... Continue Reading →

October Closet Cleanout

"I'll probably wear that this Fall..." but it's been in my closet for 4 years and I haven't worn it since before baby #3. "I might wear that next Summer..." even though I didn't wear it ONCE this summer. "What if I need that if I go somewhere fancy?" ...when do I ever go somewhere fancy? This is... Continue Reading →

Mission: Organization

When I started part-time I knew I needed to do something "extra" each day instead of the usual cleaning. Over the last 4 years of living here, so much has gotten shoved to the bottom of a very long to-do list. Just keeping up with laundry, dishes, wiping counters, cleaning sinks and mirrors, the floors,... Continue Reading →

Weekly Organization of Kids’ Outfits

Getting myself and 4 other little humans dressed in the morning is quite a feat! Picking out their clothes every morning, realizing there were no pants to match, the shirt was too small, a stain showed up out of nowhere and so on...was wasting precious time. After my third child arrived (a short 17 months after... Continue Reading →

Pack-Your-Own-Lunchbox Station

When only my first child was in K-2, I was able to pack her lunch at night or in the morning, no problem. But now that BP is in Kindergarten and they aren’t always taking lunches on the same days, I knew I needed something to save my sanity.  I’m all about giving my children... Continue Reading →

7 Tips To Stop Being Chronically Late

I don’t remember when I became chronically late.  It was probably around 2010 when I had my first child. Let’s blame the kids. Over the years, and after much complaining by my husband of my lateness, I’ve come up with some simple ways to get out of the house on time. Lay everything out the... Continue Reading →

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