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Morning Routine Chart Request

Request for your own Morning Routine Chart For Kids

There are 2 options (see below for prices):

  1. Customize colors only.
  2. Customize the colors and your routine.

I can also print, laminate, and ship it to you for an added cost.

Colors $1.25 USD
Colors + Shipped $3.25 USD
Colors + Routine $2.25 USD
Colors + Routine + Shipped $4.25 USD

To order, fill out the form. Please be as specific as possible so I can accurately make your chart! Payment will be through Paypal. I will send you an invoice when I receive your order.

Weekly Organization of Kids’ Outfits

Getting myself and 4 other little humans dressed in the morning is quite a feat! Picking out their clothes every morning, realizing there were no pants to match, the shirt was too small, a stain showed up out of nowhere and so on…was wasting precious time. After my third child arrived (a short 17 months after my 2nd child), I knew I had to get organized if I ever wanted to make it to work on time.

I wisened up and began a Sunday routine of picking out everyone’s clothes for the work week. Most weeks, I try to include a 6th outfit as a wild card, in case the weather changes, they aren’t feeling that day’s outfit, or whatever reason that comes up to totally throw off my morning.

All closets (my two middles share), have a hanging organizer where I store the clothes. Like I always say, it’s not fancy, it’s functional.

In the morning, they grab the outfit they want to wear that day. For my oldest two, it is organized by “special”, meaning Monday is P.E. day so it is a sporty outfit, Tuesday is Music, so she can wear skinny jeans and boots, and so on.

This has been such a great timesaver for us! Some Sundays I dread it, but when a crazy morning hits I am thankful I took the time to organize it!

What are your tips for the outfit situation?

Pack-Your-Own-Lunchbox Station

When only my first child was in K-2, I was able to pack her lunch at night or in the morning, no problem. But now that BP is in Kindergarten and they aren’t always taking lunches on the same days, I knew I needed something to save my sanity.  I’m all about giving my children responsibilities they can handle, which makes less work for me!

So I introduced the Pack-Your-Own-Lunch Station. And they loved it!

I got these containers at Walmart, but see they have something similar on Amazon!

This was a way for each of us to have control over what was in their lunchboxes. I provided the food choices, and they got to pick which ones went in each day. This also ensured they would actually eat what was packed in their lunchbox. Don’t you hate when the lunchbox comes home and there are warm cheese sticks??

We have 4 baskets: Dairy/Protein, Fruit, Vegetable, and Other.  They take water for their drink, buy a school milk, or sometimes they get to take a juice box or flavored water pouch.   They may take one item from each basket. If they would like a sandwich, they have to “order” it the night before so I know.

Not only is this saving me time and encouraging responsibility, it’s teaching them about the food groups and healthy eating habits.

Each week, I try to change it up by including different items in each basket. I also look at the school lunch calendar to see how many lunches are going to be packed that week and plan accordingly.




Dairy and Protein






How do you pack your child’s lunches? What healthy options do you include?

7 Tips To Stop Being Chronically Late

I don’t remember when I became chronically late.  It was probably around 2010 when I had my first child. Let’s blame the kids. Over the years, and after much complaining by my husband of my lateness, I’ve come up with some simple ways to get out of the house on time.

  1. Lay everything out the night before.

This sounds so simple, but so many times at night I just wanted to sit. I already cleaned up supper, did the dishes, folded some laundry, and picked up the floor. Why would I want to add yet another chore to my nightly to do list?  Well…10 minutes at night saves you 10 minutes in the morning.

  1. Provide a Morning Routine Chart for your kiddos.

This was a game changer for us. We thought our kids knew what to do in the morning. Turns out, a visual was a great reminder for them to keep moving in the morning.  This gives you time to get little ones ready while the big ones help themselves.

  1. Be completely ready before the kids get up.

So many times, my husband was still showering or I was doing my hair while eating breakfast when it was time to get the kids out of bed. If you are ready to walk out the door, the majority of your time can be spent helping them.

  1. Have a Lunchbox Station.

In my fridge, I have a system where the girls can grab and pack their lunch either in the morning or the night before.  If this doesn’t work for you, pack their lunches (and yours!) the night before.

  1. Create a time margin.

For me, this means telling myself I need to leave 15 minutes before I actually need to leave. This allows for any disasters that may arise.

  1. Have a place for shoes.

How many times have you been running late only to hear “I can’t find my shoes!!!” and a massive shoe hunt ensues when you should be in the car already??  Throughout the week, we throw all shoes found in the garage or around the house in a bucket by the garage door. On Sundays, the girls take all of their shoes to their room and match them.

  1. Pick out outfits on Sundays.

Nothing is more annoying that grabbing an outfit for your child and she hates it. Or your daughter coming out of her room in clothes that would be more suitable for mismatch day. To ease the pain of picking out clothes, I put 5 outfits for each girl in their closet organizers. In the morning, they grab and wear.  For me, I pick out my own 5 and hang in my closet.

I would love to hear YOUR tips on being on time with children! This chronically late turned sometimes late mama could always use advice in this area!

Morning Routine Chart for Kids

“Why are you just sitting there?”

“It’s the same routine every morning!”

“Have you brushed your teeth?”

“Has she brushed her teeth?”

“Comb her hair while I get her dressed.”

“Here, just let me do it!”

“Ugh, now we’re going to be late!”

Sound familiar? It’s the morning rush at our house, and I’m sure many of you can relate whether you have one child or four.  My husband and I are both home in the morning, so you would think getting our four kids ready to walk out the door would be a breeze.

Not so.

Not even close.

One daughter may be sitting on the floor, still in their pajamas 5 minutes before we need to leave.

Another will hate every outfit we picked out on Sunday.

The third is probably refusing to brush her teeth.

And the fourth, that sweet little baby, is in the middle of it all wondering what kind of family she was born into.

After many frustrating mornings of “Girls, we do the same 4 things every morning: clothes, hair, teeth, shoes”, Mom morphed into Teacher Mom. (Sometimes John thinks I’m too teacher-y,  but hey, it pays off in certain situations!)

They need a behavior chart, Teacher Mom thought. So in no more than 2 minutes, I whipped up the simplest, easy to follow morning routine chart for my girls.

They do not get a prize for completing these items because they are expectations. Their natural consequence is that they get extra time to do whatever they want in the morning if they are ready early.

After completing each task, the girls check it off with a dry erase marker. (I put it in a sheet protector. You could easily laminate it as well.) I honestly don’t care what order they follow as long as all 4 things are checked off.  So simple even my 3-year-old-at-the-time could handle it.

Now I’m not saying our mornings are perfect, but there is more order and less Mom and Dad bossing them around.

Click either picture to download your own copy!!  (You will get both versions.)


UPDATE: I have been asked to customize charts. Head here for more information!

I would love to hear how you organize your morning with your kiddos!