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Low Prep Math: Number Order


Number Order


Vocabulary: before, after


Deck of cards

First, I laid out the cards in order and she matched each card.

Next, I had her lay out the cards in order without laying them on top. She did use the previous line of card to help her.

She told me, “Let’s make it harder!” so I laid out 3 cards, and her job was to lay out the numbers that came before and after.

She did a really good job! 

Low Prep Math Activities: Dice

I use dice a ton in my 1st/2nd grade classrooms, but they could easily be used at home for math practice!

With my preschooler, we rolled and did an action. For example, here she rolled a 2 and did 2 big jumps.

This is a great way to get your kiddo moving and learning at the same time! Here she rolled a 4 and did giant steps.

5 push-ups!

Next, we tried to find each number of objects. She rolled a 5 and was counting the flowers to check if there were 5 flowers. After counting, she figured out there were way more than 5.

Counting the bars on the deck to find the number 6.

Your older child can practice adding 2 or 3 (or more!) numbers together.

I always have the kids write an equation to match. Use dice with dots for more support.

Dice can also be used to practice subtraction.

This 2nd grader added the 2 dice together, and then subtracted the dice, knowing the biggest number comes first!

More ways to use dice

Compare – which one is bigger?

Compare using symbols < > =

What number comes before?

What number comes after?

Rolling two and saying the 2-digit number

Roll the dotted dice and write the number

Low Prep Math Activities: Lego Counting

This is a simple activity you can do with big or small legos.  I used the same number sheets we used in the Domino Counting activity so this was really a “no prep” activity for us.

Math Skills

Counting (one-to-one correspondence)

Number recognition



Missing Addend (Some kids may be able to say “I have 5 legos, I need 2 more to make a stack of 7.”

My daughter loved being able to see that 7 was taller than 4! This was an easy way to talk about more and less.

She also loved making different types of towers for each stack….long towers, chunky towers, and skinny towers like this one:

Low Prep Math Activities: Domino Counting

All you need is dominoes (Mine are from Amazon!) and some paper for this easy-to-prepare activity.  The directions are just as simple: count the dots and place the domino on the paper with the matching number.


One-to-one correspondence

Recognizing numerals

Matching sets

Number Order


Both girls, ages 4 and 5 1/2, were able to complete this activity quickly, so it was too easy. Next time, I will write the number sentences for them to match. 

Don’t let these sweet pictures fool you. There may have been some fighting over dice and who got to do the most. At least they’re excited about learning??

Low Prep Math Activities: Missing Numbers

I LOVE math. It is my FAVORITE thing to teach at school, so of course I enjoy practicing it with my kids!

This low-prep math activity works on:


*Identifying numbers

*Finding a missing number

*Hand-eye coordination

Simply write a number sequence on a jumbo craft stick and the missing number on a clothespin. (Mine are from Target $ Spot, but similar to these cute ones.) Repeat as many times as you’d like!

These colorful clothespins were purchased in the Dollar Spot at Target last summer, and we always have craft sticks on hand. Trust me, keep some of those bad boys around and you’ll find plenty to do with them!

My girl was so proud of herself that she completed it 3 times, and had to show her sisters and Daddy when they got home!

If your child is a bit older, you could use it to practice:

*Skip counting with missing numbers

*Any type of equation with the answer on the clothespin

*Counting backwards with missing numbers

*Equation with missing sign: +, -, x, or divide.  (ie:  4 __ 5 = 9)

*Number names

Comment below if you think of any other ways to use this simple, but fun activity!