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Ham & Cheese Pinwheels

Here is a quick, easy recipe with 4 ingredients that you can enjoy as an appetizer or main meal with sides.



Swiss Cheese

Pillsbury Crescent Dough

Trader Joe’s Everything But the Bagel seasoning (Purchase here!)


Roll out the dough. Sprinkle with seasoning.

Place a layer of meat on the dough.

Place a layer of cheese on the meat.

Roll up the dough. Slice into smaller pieces (depending on how thick you want them). Place on the tray face up, as shown below.

Sprinkle more seasoning on.

Bake 10-12 minutes on 350 degrees.

The second time I made these, I used a Pillsbury Pizza Dough Sheet instead, and we liked these much better! They were less bread-y.

I served these with salad, chips, and frozen peas.

Lazy Mom Hack: Muffin Tin Meal

If you’re a mom, you know that kids aren’t going to eat what you make 100% of the time. Unless your children are perfect. Or you have secrets, which I need to know.

I have found ONE lunch that my kids will eat without a fuss every. single. time.  And it’s great for lazy moms like me because it’s basically snacks from the fridge and cupboards. Bonus: My oldest daughter has now taken it upon herself to prepare this “meal” on the weekends so now I can be super lazy.

I give you…

Muffin Tin Meals:

I think it’s the cute muffin tins that are enticing.  (Two thumbs up!)

You can use any size. This one was for sharing (because I didn’t want to dig through my messy, unorganized cupboard.).

Mom win! They get fruits, vegetables, grains, dairy, protein, and whatever else is small enough (or can be cut into pieces) to fit in the muffin hole.

The funny thing is…I could put these same exact foods on a plate and they would probably complain. But put it in a muffin tin and BAM! It’s exciting! It’s fun! And the food is devoured.

Pack-Your-Own-Lunchbox Station

When only my first child was in K-2, I was able to pack her lunch at night or in the morning, no problem. But now that BP is in Kindergarten and they aren’t always taking lunches on the same days, I knew I needed something to save my sanity.  I’m all about giving my children responsibilities they can handle, which makes less work for me!

So I introduced the Pack-Your-Own-Lunch Station. And they loved it!

I got these containers at Walmart, but see they have something similar on Amazon!

This was a way for each of us to have control over what was in their lunchboxes. I provided the food choices, and they got to pick which ones went in each day. This also ensured they would actually eat what was packed in their lunchbox. Don’t you hate when the lunchbox comes home and there are warm cheese sticks??

We have 4 baskets: Dairy/Protein, Fruit, Vegetable, and Other.  They take water for their drink, buy a school milk, or sometimes they get to take a juice box or flavored water pouch.   They may take one item from each basket. If they would like a sandwich, they have to “order” it the night before so I know.

Not only is this saving me time and encouraging responsibility, it’s teaching them about the food groups and healthy eating habits.

Each week, I try to change it up by including different items in each basket. I also look at the school lunch calendar to see how many lunches are going to be packed that week and plan accordingly.




Dairy and Protein






How do you pack your child’s lunches? What healthy options do you include?