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Mid-Month Meal & Grocery Planning

My goal going into part-time work was to cut our grocery bill in half. On You Need A Budget, I noticed it was the 3rd highest spending category so I changed the way I shopped for groceries.  At the beginning of September, I detailed how I only spent $151 for two weeks.  Here, I will… Continue reading Mid-Month Meal & Grocery Planning


2 Weeks of Produce

When I tell people I shop for 2 weeks, there is almost always a question about the products. Do I have enough for a 2nd week? Do I have to go back to get fresh? How do I make it last 2 weeks? Here are the fruits and vegetables I have left from my September… Continue reading 2 Weeks of Produce

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2 weeks + Family of 5 Eaters = $151 Grocery Bill

When I switched to working part-time, I revisited our budget several times to see where we could cut back. One category that was always extremely high was the grocery bill. At an average of $800/month, groceries was the third highest spending category - just after mortgage and daycare. I've always wanted to use the ads, compare prices, and… Continue reading 2 weeks + Family of 5 Eaters = $151 Grocery Bill

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Using A Price Sheet To Save Money On Your Next Grocery Trip

If you're like me, grocery shopping looks like this: Plan the meals. Make the grocery list. Go to the store. Most likely with 1-4 children. Throw the groceries in the cart like a contestant on Supermarket Sweep. Pick the shortest checkout line, which ends up being the longest wait. (Every. Time.) Load the groceries in… Continue reading Using A Price Sheet To Save Money On Your Next Grocery Trip