14 Weird Things About PostPartum Recovery

When you're pregnant, everyone tells you horror stories about pregnancy and labor. There isn't much conversation about postpartum recovery, though. Sure, your best friend might mention a few things but not many people openly talk about the strange things that happen to your body after the baby is home with you. You can get shingles.  I… Continue reading 14 Weird Things About PostPartum Recovery


Low-Prep Learning: Letter Dotting

Last week, we picked up a Bingo Dotter from the Dollar Tree. I didn't know what we would do with it at the time, but Breckyn picked it out of her learning box today so I had to come up with something quickly. Luckily, I have the best ideas when I'm forced to think of… Continue reading Low-Prep Learning: Letter Dotting


“What should I be doing to get my child ready for Kindergarten?”

Teachers are a lot like doctors and nurses. When you have a weird rash or you feel like maybe you're dying but don't want to go into the doctor's office, you ask your nurse/doctor friend for advice or put out a facebook post saying "Doctor and Nurse friends...?" When you have a question like "Should… Continue reading “What should I be doing to get my child ready for Kindergarten?”


Low-Prep Math: Dice and Chalk

I have to be honest. Many of the learning activities my kids do are usually thought up by them. This one was totally the 4-year-old's idea!  She found some dice in the garage and said she wanted to roll it and write her numbers. So that's what we did! My Kindergartener joined right in, and… Continue reading Low-Prep Math: Dice and Chalk

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Dollar Tree Halloween Finds

Can you believe it's October already! My kids have been itching to decorate for Halloween since Walmart put out their costumes.  We have collected some decorations over the years, but I like to add a couple things each year.  Without breaking the bank or dipping into other areas of our budget. So where does a… Continue reading Dollar Tree Halloween Finds


October Closet Cleanout

"I'll probably wear that this Fall..." but it's been in my closet for 4 years and I haven't worn it since before baby #3. "I might wear that next Summer..." even though I didn't wear it ONCE this summer. "What if I need that if I go somewhere fancy?" ...when do I ever go somewhere fancy? This is… Continue reading October Closet Cleanout

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Dollar Tree Finds For Learning

The Dollar Tree is one of our favorite spots to find cheap items. They have so many fun things you can use for learning, too!  This was a quick trip - we mostly looked at Halloween items - so there are many more than what is shown here. Dry Erase Board - Practicing letters, numbers,… Continue reading Dollar Tree Finds For Learning


Why My Children Use Workbooks

Play based learning, hands on learning, learning through discovery...they've taken over Pinterest, leading us to believe that worksheets and workbooks are a big no-no. But I believe they have a place in learning, if used correctly. It's not the worksheet that is the problem (at home or in the classroom), it's how they are used.… Continue reading Why My Children Use Workbooks

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Mid-Month Meal & Grocery Planning

My goal going into part-time work was to cut our grocery bill in half. On You Need A Budget, I noticed it was the 3rd highest spending category so I changed the way I shopped for groceries.  At the beginning of September, I detailed how I only spent $151 for two weeks.  Here, I will… Continue reading Mid-Month Meal & Grocery Planning


Low Prep Math Activities: Dice

I use dice a ton in my 1st/2nd grade classrooms, but they could easily be used at home for math practice! With my preschooler, we rolled and did an action. For example, here she rolled a 2 and did 2 big jumps. This is a great way to get your kiddo moving and learning at… Continue reading Low Prep Math Activities: Dice