Gift Guide For 6-Year-Old Girls

My middle daughter’s birthday is this week, and I’ve been hunting on Amazon for a couple gifts. (100% Amazon Prime Mom)

My criteria are 1) it can’t have tiny pieces that I will find all over the house and 2) it can be used more than once.

Here are a few things I found and a couple at the bottom that my girls already have and love.

These are super cute and I know Brynlee would love dressing up in them:

Every little girl is obsessed with unicorns right now (or maybe just my girls?).

This lights up the whole room with multi-colored stars…

My kids love all things Play-Doh, Slime, and Kinetic Sand, and this falls right in that category!

Brynlee has been asking forever for a “tiny purse”. She loves to put things in bags, backpacks, and cases.

Drawing and coloring is a daily event in our house. This looks like a fun addition to all of our drawing supplies.

Unicorns and cotton candy…how can you go wrong?

The girls beg for these every time we see them in the store, and I always say no. Gift material!

The gifts below are items my girls have already received.

We have 3 mermaid tails, and this one has held up the best!

They love playing “salon” with these:

Both of my oldest girls have these. They like setting the alarm on it to wake up in the morning.

You can’t play “salon” without makeup!


Be sure to check out the gift guide for 8-year-old girls as well!


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